Enjoy Pioneer Farm


                                                Lane, Carol, and Martin Burnidge                                                                            847-683-2863

                                                17N400 Big Timber Rd.                                                             enjoypioneerfarm@yahoo.com

                                                Hampshire, IL 60140                                                       Call to see what is currently available


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Come visit our Pioneer Kids Zone and feed the sheep!

Book Your Hayride !!!!

All products are grown on our farm

Come and visit our self serve stand.  In September and October we feature 5+ colors of Garden Mums and Perennial Mums

Pumpkins: small size...pie size...large (30-40 lbs)

Gourds: birdhouse...decorative...goblin eggs...bushel...crown of thorns

Summer Squash: variety for eating and decorating

Indian Corn: miniature popcorn colorful including blue...longbow (13+ inches long)

Broom Corn: bundles...wreaths

Corn Stalk Bundles

Straw Bales: large available all year long

Grapevine Wreaths...fall creations

Light Up Trick-or-Treat Carriers

Indian teepee available for small groups




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