Tub, Clip on Light, 60W bulb, thermometer, lid to keep heat in.

For Chicks:

90-95 degrees for first week.

85-90 degrees for second week.

For Ducks:

85-90 degrees for first week.

80-85 degrees for second week.

This is a Great time to pick up the EGGS, MEAT, and Straw that you need.

'Hold a Baby Lamb'  

​Our farm is open on SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS from 9am-3pm,

starting MARCH 17 thru MAY 13, to hold the baby lambs, goats, piglet, baby chicks, ducks and feed a bottle to the newborn calf. Watch the sheep being sheared and have some country fun.

Admission is $5 each, or Family (3-4 people)=$15, (5+people)=$20 

'School and other Groups'

Looking to come to the farm with your group? Call the farm 847-683-2863 to find the

availability and pricing. Programs include animals in the Spring, and cooking vegetables

and picking pumpkins in the Fall. Fun - Fun - Fun!

'Rent a Chick'

Bring the farm home! MARCH 17 thru MAY 13 during 'Hold a Baby Lamb' we offer Baby Chick RENTAL. You can rent 2 chicks, for 2 weeks, for $32. Ducklings will be available for $42. WE supply the baby chicks, feed and bedding. YOU need a plastic tub (like used for toys or clothes), a clip on light with an old style 60W bulb, a cheap thermometer and all the LOVE! To Reserve Yours: please call ahead (a couple weeks ahead is helpful) 847-683-2863.