Ground Beef*: $7/lb  *if you purchase 10/lb: $65

Beef short Ribs: $6.50/lb

Stew: $6.50/lb

Soup Bone: $4/lb

Chuck & Round Steak: $7/lb

Sirloin Steak: $12/lb

Club Steak: $13.50/lb

Beef Loin T-Bone: $14/lb

T-Bone & Porterhouse: $15/lb

Rib-Eye Boneless: $16/lb

Arm Roast: $8/lb

Rump Roast: $9/lb

Sirloin Tip Roast: $10/lb

Liver: $3/lb, Oxtail: $5.50/lb, Heart: $4/lb, Tongue: $3.50/lb


MEAT - 1/2 Price SALE

All of our animals are raised by us; fed Kraft Brew Feed, Corn, Hay or pasture on our small Hampshire Farm. They are then brought to a certified butcher so they can be sold for your purchase.


Lamb Brats are available: $6.50/lb

​They come 4 to a pack.

They taste wonderful on the grill





​Some cuts of PORK available:

Pork Chops: $8.00/lb

Pork Steak: $8.00/lb

Pork Shoulder Roast: $6.50/lb

Sausage Link: $7.00/lb

Ham Roast: $7.50/lb

Pork Loin Roast: $7.50/lb

Smoked Ham Slice: $7.00/lb

​Pork Hocks-cured: $4.50/lb