U-Pick farm garden q&a:

So how exactly does this work? What do I need to bring? 

Reserve your share of the crop by choosing between a weekly or bi-weekly pick (full or half share). Visit us accordingly to pick your produce.  You need to bring boots, take home containers, and knives/shears for cutting. Our program runs on the honor system, so stick to what the chart says to take home. This lets everyone get the share they paid for.

How much food do we actually get? 

It's safe to say that each pick should feed a family of 4 or more. Each pick will have similar quantites and value. The full-share is 2x more food than the half-share, being weekly picking as opposed to bi-weekly picking.

How will we know which fruits and vegetables to pick?

A vegetable list will be sent how weekly. It will contain every vegetable that is available that week.

How do we pay?

cash, check or paypal option is paid in full before the season begins.

Are there refunds? 

There are no refunds once planting season starts. Seeds have been purchased, and plants have been grown in accordance to the reservations. 

When can we come to pick produce? 

the week will start on fridays, so come whichever day and time that works out best for you.

What if there is a shortage of vegetables?

The quantity of each vegetable grown fluctuates from year to year, it's just the way of nature, but if there was to be a shortage of a certain plant, we compensate by allowing for more of a different vegetable that is in surplus. For instance, if broccoli is low, we could offer cauliflower as long as we have enough.

Do you offer any other veggies to buy besides the sharing options? 

Yes! We usually have tomatoes and sweet corn available, although surplus will be sold, too. that usually starts mid july. It really depends on how things are growing. We also offer meats and eggs every day, all year.

Do you supply recipes for the produce we pick?

Catch Carol, Lane, or a Farm Hand on duty.. they usually have some pretty good ideas.

​2019 Selection: 3 kinds of Cherry Tomatoes; Big Beef & Jet Star Tomatoes; Sweet Potatoes; Lettuces; Carrots; Basil; Lemon Balm; Red and White Potatoes; Celery; Dill; Green Beans; Beets; Broccoli; Brussel Sprouts; Red and White Cabbage Chinese Cabbage; White, Purple, Cheddar Cauliflower; Collards, Popcorn; Sweet Corn; Mini Munch, Mexican Sour & Regular Cucumbers; Eggplant; Kale; Kohlrabi; Melons; Peas; Pea Pods; 5 kinds of Peppers; Radishes; Spinach; Green & Yellow Summer Zucchini; Swiss Chard; Turnips, Watermelon seeded and no seed; Onions; at least 10 types of Pumpkins, 10 types of Winter Squash; Gourds; Cut Flowers

U-Pick is a great way to have fresh veggies, fruits, and herbs all summer long from June thru September- 20 weeks. This is how it works:

1. Commit and pay for either weekly or bi-weekly (full-share or half-share).

2. Choose a convenient day for the whole family to pick the produce available for the week, as they are ready for harvest! Once you're here, we'll teach you how to pick and dig properly, like a real farmer!

3. Enjoy the fresh food, and better health!

FULL SHARE (come every week) - $585

​​HALF SHARE (come every other week) - $385​​